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Bows by AlanSteenhouwer Bows by AlanSteenhouwer
Ai CS3

Just a few bows and arrows.

The first one is the archetypal composite recurve bow of Mongolians. Usually what you see when you think of their famed horse archer.

Second, the full size Mongolian horse bow. This asymmetric bow was what was used by their light horse archers. The mixture of the horse's speed, and the range of the bow, made it a first strike weapon system.

Third. The Japanese Ya bamboo arrow, with a simple broadhead arrowhead. They've been placed into a sheepskin quiver.

Fourth. The traditional english longbow. Powerful and a lot more rugged compared to composite bows. As it was merely one piece of wood, it would not delaminate when wet.

Fifth. English war arrow with steel bobkin arrowhead.

Sixth. My idea of a mixture between the Mongolian bow's power, and use from the horse, and the reliability of the English longbow, by making it asymmetric.
Lufisipico Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
Your hability, your knowledge, amaze me.
I hope you give us the honor, the pleasure to see more works of you. I hope.

Luis, from Portugal
Tigermano Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2011
Interesting bows. Your fourth bow looks much like a Yumi, although without the reflex or siyahs. Your second picture is interesting. The asymmetric bow is not really noted much as far as Mongols go (and as far as the older Mongol bows go, they probably didn't have bridges). I looks a lot like the Hungarian asymmetric bow, yet most times asymmetric bows had only a slightly longer top limb, as well as a longer top siyah. So instead of the top limb being very, very long, the top siyah would be longer, taking up some of the length difference. Also, while the Yumi closely follows thirds as far as handle placement, the shorter bows throughout Central Asia to Eastern Europe were much less exaggerated in their asymmetry. I also really like that bow case. Personally, I think the best bow for sheer distance would be a symmetrical bow, short siyahs, heavily reflexed, and with an overdraw. Nice work.
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August 21, 2011
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